Soundhound in the Kia Optima


Kia’s have gained loads of impressive high end technology in their cars.  Each new Kia vehicle comes with a Uvo technology console that contain many apps to make your driving experience an enjoyable one.  Today, I want to single one of the apps out because it was new to the 2016 Kia Optima called soundhound.  Soundhoud has been around for a bit but never into a car console until recently.  Today we will talk about some of the features that makes it a must have in your next car.

Kia Optima

Sound Search


One of the Coolest features of the SoundHound app is music search.  Say you put a friends USB into you Kia optima for some tunes but it does give the title of the song.  With Soundhound they use voice recognition software to find out what song and what bang.  So you don’t have to fight your friend about what this song is anymore!

Hand free

Being that the Sound Hound app is on your dash you can use it hands free.  This can save you time, but more importantly keeps you safe by letting you keep both hands on the wheel.

Sound Charts

Sound Hound, Jim Shorkey, Kia

Finding new music can be hard.  With soundhound they make it way easier.   They offer a free service called sound charts where it shows what others are listening too and are great recommendation for your next drive.  Not sure where to start?  We recommend the emerging artist chart.

These are just three features that makes soundhound a great edition inside your Kia Optima.  Check out this video below of a small video of the main screen of the Kia Optima.






Apps in Your Kia!

What would the world be without apps?  It’s hard to believe we lived without them for so long.  Many people use apps on their phone to find the best place to eat or store information. Did you know that most Kia’s have apps programed into the dash? Now you can drive and use an app safely.  The best way to get the most out of your UVO is to integrate your compatible smartphone so your phone and car work together.

Uvo, Kia, Jim Shorkey, Apps

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Uvo, Jim Shorkey, Kia

With Kia’s UVO software there are so many features and apps that make your ride an original experience. At Jim Shorkey Kia, we have a few we would love to showcase to you!


Soundhound, music app, Kia, Uvo

This app is for all the music fans out there.  Have a song stuck in your head but forgot the name?  With Soundhound it’s no problem!  All you have to do is select the name that song function and hum a few bars of the forgotten song.  Soundhoud will retrieve the lost song.

Parking Minder

Parking, finder, jim Shorkey

We have all had that moment where we walk into a parking lot and think “Where’s my Kia parked”? With UVO, it’s never a mystery where you parked. The Parking Minder feature saves the location of your Kia and, with the assistance of the GPS guidance on your compatible smartphone, helps guide you back to it.


Jim Shorkey Kia, Poi

Save your favorite spots that you have ridden to. With my POIs, or Points of Interest, find places you’d like to visit on Google Maps via the free UVO eServices app, and then send them to your UVO system for future routing.


Yelp, Jim Shorkey, Kia, Uvo

Looking for somewhere to eat but not familiar with where you are at?  Reviews and recommendations for local businesses and restaurants are at your fingertips.

Maintenance & Diagnostics

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Make sure that your car is running smooth. Even the most reliable vehicle benefits from regular maintenance. With UVO, it’s simple to keep up. For example, with your compatible smartphone and the eServices mobile app, you can program UVO to run regular diagnostic checks and then schedule a service appointment if necessary.

Contact Services

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In the event the airbag deploys, 911 Connect can initiate a call to 911 Emergency Services. It can even transmit your vehicle’s location to 911 Emergency Services in some situations.