How To Connect Your Bluetooth To The Kia Forte

The new Kia 2017 Forte are on the lot. And one question we always get is “how do you connect your bluetooth to your car”?  Today our Product Specialist Eric Carroll goes through connecting.  Hope it helps.


5 Stars for the 2016 Kia Optima

Have you ever been in an accident?  We hope not but we do know life happens.  Even the smallest fender benders can send a shock to your system.  Each years cars are getting bigger and many drivers are getting faster.  This is why having a car you feel safe in is so important.  This is why the IIHS safety picks are so important.  Having a car that can take on a head on collision is a huge factor for some folks.  That why today I want to talk about one of our safest cars in the Kia lineup, the Optima.  Optima scored an impressive 5 star crash rating.

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The New 2017 Kia Sportage

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The Kia Sportage evolution is in full motion with its release of the 2017 model.  When we first got them on the lot the Sportage became a highly talked about subject around the dealership.  0Some thought the Sportage was a bold change for Kia while others thought the changes added to the luxurious trend the Sportage has become.  One sales consultant even compared it to the hood of a Porche.  So, check out this video that shows the new Sportage.

Engine, Electric, Regenerative brakes

Hybrid Maintenance

Right now in our Jim Shorkey Kia showroom we have $7,000 dollars off on our Kia Optima Hybrids.  This is crazy if you think about how premium a hybrid is.  The stereotype that a hybrid cost more is a lie when you have deals that can save you $7000 on one.  But we have noticed one glaring issue.  The public seems to love the fuel economy and the extra cash in their pocket, but are unsure of the vehicle because of the maintenance.  Today, we will talk about the difference of servicing a Kia Optima Hybrid compared to the average car.

2015 Kia Optima, Kia Optima, oil change, North Huntingdon

Before I go any further lets explain how the Kia Optima Hybrid works.  It has two power sources to make the vehicle go.  The first being a classical gas engine and the second being an electric engine hence the name hybrid.  They work together to give you the best fuel efficient ride.  The electric motor is used in mostly city driving situations.  This is smart because while your car is idle it isn’t losing gas each minute your vehicle is in traffic.  The Kia Optima Hybrid can get 40 miles per gallon in those situation making it a great car for commuter driving from and to Pittsburgh.  Once on the highway the Kia Optima picks up speed and the gas engine kicks in.  The combination of two engines goes seamless when accelerating or slowing down.

Engine, Electric, Regenerative brakes

Now that you know about how the machine works you might have some questions.  One of the major questions is “what is the waiting time for a part if I need it fixed?”.  When hybrids were introduced into the market many mechanics didn’t know where to get the parts or how to fix them.  This gave hybrids a bad stereotype of waiting in the early years.  Now, Hybrids became a decent chunk of automotive sales in the last 10 years and most service center should be equipped for these vehicles.   At our dealership in North Huntingdon and Uniontown, we have most of the parts at our locations and our certified technicians are well trained for hybrid vehicles.

Another question customer ask about hybrids is “doesn’t the maintenance cost more?”.  Actually, many hybrid parts cost less.  Each engine in the hybrid works at different times and each engine is used less.  The wear and tear is divided by two in a hybrid where a conventional car the one engine would take the brunt of it.  This means the routine maintenance costs on a hybrid may be lower than on a regular car.  The hybrids’ regenerative braking system lowers heat while restoring battery power, insuring that brake pads and brakes last much longer.  Some brake pads last for 100,000 miles.  You can also get more mileage on your oil and have to change it less (every 7,000 miles).

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The last major question is “what if my engine battery dies?”.  While talking to our Kia Service Manager Vic he told me that he has never had a hybrid customer request for a new battery to be replaced.  This really comes to no shock for us because the batteries are tested to last.  Even if that isn’t insurance enough car manufactures give long warranties for their batteries to let the consumer feel at ease.  Even when the batteries are done in the automobiles they are still used for energy storage in industrial settings.

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So is a hybrid worth it?  For service completely!  If you want to save money buy a hybrid and save on your brakes and oil.  To save even more register for a brand new oil change program that can save you money.

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4 Foolish things Car Buyers Can Do

Happy April Fools Day! Being a dealership we want our customers to pick the car that they truly want and have.  That’s why we are against trying to push a customer into a vehicle that might not be a good fit for them.  That why we have our sales consultant salaried.  Here are four tips we suggest at Jim Shorkey’s for buyers so they won’t be foolish on picking a car.

  1. Failing to consider the options

Decisions, Questions

When shopping for a car you have a wide variety of options.  Why settle for one automobile without looking and driving others.  There are so many possibilities such as different brands and styles.  For example you might walk in wanting the Kia Forte but realize that the space in the Kia Optima is better for your situation!  If you don’t drive both you might never see it.  Failing to consider the options might lead to regret which isn’t good for the consumer or the dealership you bought it from.

  1. Being overeager or impulse buying

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This is a tough one to talk about.  We have all been there.  We know its time and we want to buy a new vehicle.  Compared to our older cars many of the new ones have things we are not use to and excites us.  Things like back up cameras, climate control and automatic lock all make us want to buy now (ok maybe not the automatic locks).  The reality is make calm purchase decisions and look at the benefits.  Benefits like Warranty Forever can be easily overlooked but an amazing benefit for the consumer.

  1. Not doing your homework

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More than ever the consumer can find out information about the car.  This is great for many reasons.  The first reason is that it gives you a good idea of what your car will be.  It also helps consumers make sure that dealerships are honest.  Another benefit is that reviews are accessible online to see what others see. Get a car that you love.

  1. Failing to evaluate your personal budget and finances

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Try to figure out what a comfortable price is for you in your next car purchase.  Dan Garber, a Kia Sales Consultant once told me that putting someone in a car that they can’t afford only hurts your reputation and gives consumers regrets.  That’s why having realistic expectations will make you happy in your purchase decision in the long run. And that’s why you want to work with a company that you can trust.

Apps in Your Kia!

What would the world be without apps?  It’s hard to believe we lived without them for so long.  Many people use apps on their phone to find the best place to eat or store information. Did you know that most Kia’s have apps programed into the dash? Now you can drive and use an app safely.  The best way to get the most out of your UVO is to integrate your compatible smartphone so your phone and car work together.

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To get help with all things UVO—sign in to your account.

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With Kia’s UVO software there are so many features and apps that make your ride an original experience. At Jim Shorkey Kia, we have a few we would love to showcase to you!


Soundhound, music app, Kia, Uvo

This app is for all the music fans out there.  Have a song stuck in your head but forgot the name?  With Soundhound it’s no problem!  All you have to do is select the name that song function and hum a few bars of the forgotten song.  Soundhoud will retrieve the lost song.

Parking Minder

Parking, finder, jim Shorkey

We have all had that moment where we walk into a parking lot and think “Where’s my Kia parked”? With UVO, it’s never a mystery where you parked. The Parking Minder feature saves the location of your Kia and, with the assistance of the GPS guidance on your compatible smartphone, helps guide you back to it.


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Save your favorite spots that you have ridden to. With my POIs, or Points of Interest, find places you’d like to visit on Google Maps via the free UVO eServices app, and then send them to your UVO system for future routing.


Yelp, Jim Shorkey, Kia, Uvo

Looking for somewhere to eat but not familiar with where you are at?  Reviews and recommendations for local businesses and restaurants are at your fingertips.

Maintenance & Diagnostics

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Make sure that your car is running smooth. Even the most reliable vehicle benefits from regular maintenance. With UVO, it’s simple to keep up. For example, with your compatible smartphone and the eServices mobile app, you can program UVO to run regular diagnostic checks and then schedule a service appointment if necessary.

Contact Services

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In the event the airbag deploys, 911 Connect can initiate a call to 911 Emergency Services. It can even transmit your vehicle’s location to 911 Emergency Services in some situations.



And the Winner Is…

Kia made a splash when they announced they would be entering the premium luxury segment. Until, that is, they saw the Korean automaker’s entry. The 2015 Kia K900, endorsed by LeBron James, offers a combination of world-class features, premium amenities, and outstanding performance. And now, the esteemed car can make another claim—2015 Urban Car of the Year.

Decisive Magazine chose the K900 as the acclaimed winner after editors evaluated dozens of new 2015 model year cars in a variety of city settings, examining a combination of performance, comfort, and other features.

Kia k900 Jim Shorkey Pittsburgh

This distinction comes as no surprise to the folks over at Kia Motors, who constantly challenge themselves to stay on the forefront of innovation and design.

Since arriving in the U.S. market 20 years ago, the Kia brand has always challenged convention and redefined the notion of what value is,” said Michael Sprague, executive vice president of sales and marketing for Kia Motors America. “To be recognized by Decisive Magazine and the Urban Wheel Awards jurors for the Urban Car of the Year Award is an indication that our first foray into the premium luxury segment has the right combination of design, craftsmanship, technology—and value—to be a winner.”

Kia K900 Pittsburgh Dealers Jim Shorkey

To see why the K900 sedan came in top place, stop into Jim Shorkey Kia—your exclusive K900 dealer in the Pittsburgh area.