Soundhound in the Kia Optima


Kia’s have gained loads of impressive high end technology in their cars.  Each new Kia vehicle comes with a Uvo technology console that contain many apps to make your driving experience an enjoyable one.  Today, I want to single one of the apps out because it was new to the 2016 Kia Optima called soundhound.  Soundhoud has been around for a bit but never into a car console until recently.  Today we will talk about some of the features that makes it a must have in your next car.

Kia Optima

Sound Search


One of the Coolest features of the SoundHound app is music search.  Say you put a friends USB into you Kia optima for some tunes but it does give the title of the song.  With Soundhound they use voice recognition software to find out what song and what bang.  So you don’t have to fight your friend about what this song is anymore!

Hand free

Being that the Sound Hound app is on your dash you can use it hands free.  This can save you time, but more importantly keeps you safe by letting you keep both hands on the wheel.

Sound Charts

Sound Hound, Jim Shorkey, Kia

Finding new music can be hard.  With soundhound they make it way easier.   They offer a free service called sound charts where it shows what others are listening too and are great recommendation for your next drive.  Not sure where to start?  We recommend the emerging artist chart.

These are just three features that makes soundhound a great edition inside your Kia Optima.  Check out this video below of a small video of the main screen of the Kia Optima.





Kia Sorento, Kia, 2017

Driving a 2017 Kia Sorento

From time to time being in the Marketing Department, I drive vehicles to promotions or to a film location.  In total, I have driven many brand and models. Getting in a car I always have the feeling of bracing myself because I never know how a vehicle will drive.  Will it accelerate well, will it turn in a sporty ways or be cumbersome, do I have to lower or raise the seat and questions like these swarm in my head.  The reality is these thoughts are the same thoughts customers looking for a new car have. I want to shed light on vehicles strength when I possess a first person perspective.  Recently, I had the chance to ride the brand new 2017 Kia Sorento and I have to admit that I was surprised by it.  The first thing I noticed was the styling.  It kept the 2016s body which is not a bad thing, each model cycle the Kia SUVs are getting more attractive (have you seen the 2017 Kia Sportage).  When I headed to the fair Fayette County fair last year the Sorento at our exhibit was the most frequent compliment vehicle we brought.   People loved its beautiful dark cherry color and the change of the grill.  Inside, the 2017 Kia Sorento I love the simplistic approach.  There is so much to this vehicle’s interior, but it seems to blend in so well, there are not a bunch of busy nobs or leavers on the dash.  The dash has a lovely Uvo Console and the 2017 Sorento added Android Auto to complete the experience.  Android Auto and Apple Car Play are apps that would seamlessly with your vehicle.  You don’t need GPS anymore with them.  Another thing I added to base 2017 Sorentos are back up cameras.  Having a backup camera on a SUV is a must to ensure you are drive at your safest.  Finally, I wanted to talk to you about the driving of the 2017 Sorento.  If you haven’t driven one you have too.  For being a big SUV this car drives like a car.  The suspension and accelerations give it a great balance on the road. A third row Sorento could have been like a Mini Van but this SUV isn’t your mom’s van.  Kia wanted to give you a complete ride experience and got there.  It’s a great car to take on trips or driving around town.  Long Live the Sorento!

Kia Sorento, Kia, 2017

Pie for a cause.

The Jim Shorkey Auto Group had a Pie event at all our Shorkey Locations ending with the one we had a Jim Shorkey Kia location.  Our owners including Jim Shorkey Jr himself got pied to raise money. It’s all for Caiya Broeski.  She is a sweet, fun-loving 4 year old.  Caiya is the daughter of Kasia Brozeski, a sales process manager at the Jim Shorkey Auto Group.  Caiya was born without a left hand.  Because Kasia’s insurance does not cover a hand transplant, the Jim Shorkey Organization is presently raising money to help make this little girl’s wish come true.  Check out the footage!

For more information check out this link.

The Slap Heard Around the World

No, its not what you think. Today we are talking about the high five. Unless you have been living in a bubble, then Im sure you have seen one of our commercials on T.V once or twice.  Jim Shorkey III and Katie Shorkey-Mrdjenovich have great chemisty when you see them on our commercials, how could they not? They are brother and sister after all! One of the most talked about things is how they end the commercials, and its with a solid high five! Now sometimes, they do like to get a little silly and switch things up a bit and thats what makes it even more likeable! No matter if its an up high, down low, or even too slow high five, its always great to use when you greet or congradulate someone.  Something else that makes it even more interesting is watching the filming of these commercials. Sometimes it takes a couple different takes to get it right, and they both are always willing to laugh about every blooper. From not being able to get the line right, to getting distracted, to even reading the wrong lines, it always makes for a great laugh. So sit back, and be ready to laugh when you see these two together.


How Would You Customize Your Kia Soul?

What could be better than a Kia Soul? A customizable Kia Soul! Korea’s top automotive technicians are competing to produce the best customized Kia Soul. Three automotive technician crews, Dex crew, Pico Sound, and Chang’s Custom, have been customizing the Kia Soul with specific design directions and specs in mind as part of the Turning King Korea competition.

Team D-Crew (Dexcrew) named their Kia Soul the “Smart Spider” with modifications based on a “smart car” concept. The Smart Spider Soul features high-quality audio speakers and used a 3D printer to produce some parts showcased in the interior. Team D-Crew used the latest and greatest technology to keep up with tastes and needs of the younger generation drivers.


“Every young man’s dream car” was the inspiration for the modifications on Team Pick JK2’s (Pico Sound) Kia Soul. Their Kia Soul is a race car that combines speed and strength. Dressed up with race car trim, a racing steering wheel, race car tires, and bucket seats, Team Pico JK2’s Kia Soul is confident that it can hold its own on a race track.

Pico Sound

Team Chang Click (Chang’s Custom) modified its Kia Soul to show of its luxurious features – inside and out – for a true “street custom” car look. To complete the look, the team picked bold colors for the interior and exterior, decking out the soul in clean white and electric blue tones that highlight the charms of the original Kia Soul.

Chang's Custom

Who do you think has the best customizable Soul? What would you do to customize your Soul?