How to Sync a Smartphone to Kia’s UVO Infotainment System

Technology is great…when it works. When it doesn’t work, that’s another story. Tempers can escalate in seconds, and people can become stressed and frustrated. Here at Jim Shorkey Kia, we want to limit your stress as much as possible, so we came up with step-by-step directions how to sync your smartphone to your Kia without inducing anger. Check it out below!

kia uvo infotainment, how to sync a smart phone with a car

Step 1: Turn on your Kia Infotainment System.

Step 2: Press the Phone button on the right-hand side of your system.

Step 3: You will see the following prompt: “There is no phone paired. Do you want to pair a phone?” Select yes.

Step 4: You will see the message: “Add from your Bluetooth device.” Go to your phone’s settings, and turn on Bluetooth.

Step 5: Once the Bluetooth is on, your phone will begin searching for your vehicle’s name. For example, if you drive a Sorento, it will say “Sorento.” Select the vehicle name, enter your passcode “0000” and then press Pair.

Step 6: Your phone should say “connected.” Your vehicle’s infotainment center will say “pairing complete.” Press Ok, and then give it a few seconds to connect.

Step 7: As reassurance, you’ll know your phone is connected when you see the small blue and white Bluetooth symbol flashing in the upper right hand corner of your vehicle’s infotainment screen.


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